Technical Services

Horwath HTL offers fully independent Technical Services Support to ensure that your projects will meet proven hotel operational criteria, that they will be operationally efficient, and
that the most appropriate product is being developed for any given project location.

Technical Services is the translation of hotel operational and brand requirements into the project design and construction processes to ensure the resultant solutions will enable maximum operational outcomes to be achieved.

This service starts with a detailed review of the current project documentation and the provision of detailed feedback on the necessary Back of House and other operational considerations
that will be required, in order for the project to deliver on its operational expectations.


  • Detailed Review of Existing Project Documentation
  • Facility Area Programme (FAP) Preparation
  • Alternate Sketch Planning Layouts Preparation
  • Guidance and Advice to The Project Consultancy Team
  • Follow-up Reviews of and Feedback on The Resultant Amended Project Documentation
  • Owner’s Representation
  • Brand Standard Negotiations with The Selected Operator
  • Participation in Prototype Room and Mock-Up/Prototype Furniture and Fixtures Preparation

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